Resorting to traditional medicine to curb fatigue

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Ever wondered why you are always feeling tired and sluggish while the woman in the next office is forever moving swiftly? Do not despair because you are not alone, countless people are also experiencing the same problem. We are living in a fast paced world where there is less time to prepare a healthy meal and to exercise.

Fast food have now become a norm, worsening the situation. Fatigue can leave you feeling helpless while also chowing away your precious time.

Tebogo Mothupi who is an assistant at a well-known herbal shop in Mahikeng, by the name Matrampan, gives us advice on traditional remedies to fight fatigue. Mothupi who has been working at Matrampan for the past twelve years swears by the Tshupu ya poo, Mathunga, Sekaname, Seswagadi, Phate ya ngaka, Mosokela tsebeng mixture as the best mixture to curb fatigue. He asserts that the mixture does not only give energy but cleanses the blood, kidneys, can treat the waist, colds, STIs, swollen legs and so on.

“All traditional medicine do not have the side effects. 90% of the medicine do not have overdose”, says Mothupi. “Traditional medicine is very helpful. People must not come to us when it is too late. If things don’t work out here it is then that they can resort to western medicine”, he adds, also indicating that some of the western medicine is taken from traditional medicine and given to us in a form of tablets.



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