Lets embrace 2018!

Most can agree that we experienced 2017 differently. Some got married, some gave birth, and some got major breakthroughs, while others did not attain their goals and even lost their loved ones. What is important is that we should all appreciate the lessons and achievements in 2017 and joyfully embrace 2018.

Never forget that whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve. A mountain does not have to be a roadblock but a stepping stone towards greatness. The hardships that come to test us are not meant to break us but to make us stronger. Let us all use our 365 days fruitfully. Some watch things happen, some make them happen, which one do you chose to be?

Remember that in the end, life is what you make of it. Medallist Link wishes everyone a joyous, blessed and prosperous 2018!

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