Enthusiastically challenging entrepreneurship status quo

Trending now on Mothibedi Moss Sereme`s social media posts is his brainchild initiative, Entrepreneurship O-Walk With The Coach. Currently the Group Chairman of Accuracy Group, CEO of Platinum Leadership Talk and also Chairman of Letlotlo Foundation, Sereme has always been active and passionate about initiatives that aim to enhance entrepreneurship. Sereme asserts that close to two years of preparation went into this project and he is certain of its success.


Sereme argues that there is a serious problem in the country, however, it seems like North West is one of the leading provinces where entrepreneurs are faced with serious challenges. He contends that entrepreneurship development programs in place are not satisfactorily effective. Through the O-Walk, Sereme aims to raise awareness on the culture of entrepreneurship, and enhance the relationship between entrepreneurs and the government. “We round the province, talking to small businesses. Trying to push them and say, you can do it on your own”, he says. “When the government comes, let it be a relationship not a parent, hence why the O-Walk started”.

The determined Sereme says that he wants to see people taking charge of their ideas. He laments that he has seen great innovations go down the drain. Sereme observes that the how to do it part is usually the problem. “Once there is somebody who says you can do it, if you don’t know how, let us tell you how to do it. That is what we want to do”, he says.


The business coach, Sereme, will be walking 746km from one district to another across the province. The walk is expected to start on 30 October to 25 November. Workshops and seminars are going to be held in various specific towns where they will be stopping for the day. They recuperate for the night and the following morning the workshop or seminar starts. Sereme irons out that workshops will be given for free, but people have to pay for the seminars because corporate speakers will be invited. The walk is expected to start and end in Mahikeng.

From 20 October they will be going around various shopping centres doing mall activations. They will be giving out pamphlets, answering entrepreneurship related questions and also selling merchandise such as caps and t-shirts to support their project costs. Sereme assures that everything is in place, security, accommodation, resources and he has also recently gone for a full medical doctor`s review.

“I have been doing walks around the country. This will be for the first time doing it on my own, not joining other teams”, admits Sereme. Sereme is certain that everything will be done within the expected time frame. “You control your time. Your motivation, enthusiasm and commitment has to propel you to achieve your goals”, he says.


“Learn to commercialise your passion. Don’t go into business because people are saying it makes money”, says Sereme who started his first business at the age of 12. “Go out there and change the world with your art, skill and passion”, he adds. Sereme further advices that life is a result of prepared effort. “Opportunities don’t send an invitation, they just come. If you are not prepared, they are not going to wait”, he says.

There are many misconceptions and definitions of what an entrepreneur is. According to Sereme “entrepreneurship is all about providing solutions. If you cannot provide a solution, stop calling yourself an entrepreneur”. “Doing business is making profit but doing entrepreneurship is about giving solutions”, he says.

For more information and to follow the walk: Entrepreneur O-Walk on Facebook and Twitter. You can also call Moss on 071 381 1928. Merchandise will be sold at the mall activations and during the walk to support the costs.


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