Passionate about keeping dirt off

Mrs Nomhle Winny Leshomo is the current CEO and founder of the two businesses which specialise in cleaning, laundry and soap manufacturing. Leshomo describes herself as a born entrepreneur and remembers clearly buying herself a pair of school shoes from the profits she made after selling a packet of sweets back in primary school. Her first business MNPKR started with a few ladies whom she had trained. They would go to houses and clean, until her friend advised her to add laundry services as well. She has never looked back ever since.


MNPKR Cleaning& Laundry Services was founded in 2009. The other company, Speedchem Manufacture PTY Ltd started operating in 2013 and was registered in 2015. Speedchem manufactures powder soap, both low and high foam, industrial and domestic powder soaps. The company also produces cleaning chemicals such as thick bleach, bath foam, ammonia cleaner, dishwashing liquid and pine gel. Speedchem also recently introduced a small unit where they produce 100% natural products, such as glycerine soap, goat milk and caramel soap, African Black soap, body butter and African Black shampoo. MNPKR is an acronym which was formed from the first letters of Leshomo`s family names, husband and three children.


Leshomo argues that they do their laundry in a unique way, not like any other. “We wash your clothes separately. We do not mix clothes even of the same colour”. “For example, my white shirt might not be the same as her white shirt, so it might contaminate”, says Leshomo. The energetic Leshomo further expresses that she has trained her employees that when they get to a house for a cleaning service they should start with the door frames, then electric plugs. “This is because these are the things which people do not focus on. Once you do it right, people will see the difference”, says Leshomo.

In expressing the secret behind her excellent service, Leshomo points out that “I love what I do and every time I do something for anyone, I do it as if I am doing it for myself”, says Leshomo. The enthusiastic Leshomo finds encouragement from making contribution to humanity. She points out that the fact that there are people working for the business is an achievement for her. “We start businesses for money but the main thing is to see other people benefiting from what we are doing”. “That is one of the things that give me much joy than money”, she adds.


Leshomo motivates that perseverance, hard work and self-belief are the ingredients of every successful entrepreneur. She further asserts that for one to be successful he/she has to let go of fear of the unknown. “Start something that you love. Don’t try and copy someone else`s idea. Someone else`s idea will never be your own idea”, she cautions. “Even if people can steal what you come up with, they will never do it like you. Talk to anyone about anything because you will find help where you did not expect it”, she adds.

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