Experiencing Urban Family Market


This is an entrepreneurial hub which offers small businesses an opportunity to showcase and sell their products. The first Urban Family Market which is planned to take place monthly, was officially launched on 29 July. “We have noticed that we actually have a lot of talent around Mafikeng. This is a way for us to try and get everyone in one space to showcase their talent”, explained Mokgabo Pule, the organiser and founder of the market. The market which took place at Mmabana Picnic Park hosted a total of 28 vendors. Pule says that her target is to host 50 vendors for each market as the park is big enough. Moreover, she asserts that “For me it is not only about the vendors displaying their products. I am aiming to create a network of small businesses”. Pule further emphasized that the network is meant to enhance communication between small businesses.


It offers a family set up which caters for every member of the family. One can expect food vendors, adult and child beverages, farmer`s corner, fashion and accessories corner and also a kiddies corner, amongst other things. Basically, people can expect to have an interesting outdoor and shopping experience while enjoying their meals, cocktails and music. “People are sitting under trees with skills because there are not affordable platforms for them to do something like this. This market is offering an ordinary person next door, to come and give us what they can offer”, emphasized the zealous Pule.


Pule who describes herself as a perfect balance between being an introvert and an extrovert, a people`s person who loves outdoors, is an owner of multiple small businesses. She is currently having a nine to five job where she works as a financial manager for an engineering company based in Johannesburg. During the weekends she diverts her attention to her financial company, farming business, and now the market. In her response to how she manages she said “I think it is more about discipline. For a person to learn to divide their time they need to be much disciplined”. “I am not drowning yet but I do realise that there is going to be time when I need help with all of this”, she added.

Pule points out that she has previously been a part of markets around Johannesburg and other towns. However, here at home Pule did not have a fixed spot where she can be located and exhibit her products. “I figured it out that I need to come and start this for people who have the same issue as me. There are people who have a lot of talent but nobody exposes them”, says Pule.


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